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how long has it been since stuff!!!

-- i know nobody fml's anymore but the situation merits it. fmL i totally love miley's new song. you might not want to watch the music video even though i kinda like it too, although i coulda lived without seeing anybody making out with a doll. :(. i mean i'm not fml'ing because it's miley cyrus, i'd actually realised i really like her quite a while ago. i think she actually really has her head on straight, even if the stuff she gets up to is not necessarily something i'm fully on board with. also she's hot, i dig her face. expressions man, every damn time. before liking her i hated her because i used to watch hannah montana back when we had disney and dear LORD did she have the most obnoxious line delivery ever uttered. before that i liked her bc she was cute. JACKSON, THOUGH. that actor was gold. and emily osment is so cute. and miley's otp was actually SO cute i loved him. i mean he wasn't quite a chad dylan cooper but. anyway. miley cyrus. whatever.

-- i had an eye operation last week, about 19 months after i first went to the optician's. yay, the nhs. my eye is SO creepy. it's getting better but still. my manager's reaction when i went back in to work was hilarious. but i still have a few weeks to wait before the eye settles down and i can tell if the operation did the trick and my eyes work together properly now. i need to be able to read for hours every day for a solid year, come october and my MA recommences. fuck, man. i am so screwed.

-- this guy. those cheekbones.. 'cause he's coming back to tv and he's gonna play a dead guy and he's gonna play second lead to taecyeon, meditative sweeper extraordinaire. whatever, it's not like i watch much anymore, i just download first episodes and then change my mind. but KIM JAEWOOK. it's summer, i should re-do coffee prince. what else is summer for but coffee prince.

-- one more:

just the trailer made me feel shaky. i never feel like i have the mental fortitude for shit like this anymore. time to put my big girl boots on. time to buy big girl boots. and learn how to use eyeliner.
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