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how long has it been since stuff!!!

-- i know nobody fml's anymore but the situation merits it. fmL i totally love miley's new song. you might not want to watch the music video even though i kinda like it too, although i coulda lived without seeing anybody making out with a doll. :(. i mean i'm not fml'ing because it's miley cyrus, i'd actually realised i really like her quite a while ago. i think she actually really has her head on straight, even if the stuff she gets up to is not necessarily something i'm fully on board with. also she's hot, i dig her face. expressions man, every damn time. before liking her i hated her because i used to watch hannah montana back when we had disney and dear LORD did she have the most obnoxious line delivery ever uttered. before that i liked her bc she was cute. JACKSON, THOUGH. that actor was gold. and emily osment is so cute. and miley's otp was actually SO cute i loved him. i mean he wasn't quite a chad dylan cooper but. anyway. miley cyrus. whatever.

-- i had an eye operation last week, about 19 months after i first went to the optician's. yay, the nhs. my eye is SO creepy. it's getting better but still. my manager's reaction when i went back in to work was hilarious. but i still have a few weeks to wait before the eye settles down and i can tell if the operation did the trick and my eyes work together properly now. i need to be able to read for hours every day for a solid year, come october and my MA recommences. fuck, man. i am so screwed.

-- this guy. those cheekbones.. 'cause he's coming back to tv and he's gonna play a dead guy and he's gonna play second lead to taecyeon, meditative sweeper extraordinaire. whatever, it's not like i watch much anymore, i just download first episodes and then change my mind. but KIM JAEWOOK. it's summer, i should re-do coffee prince. what else is summer for but coffee prince.

-- one more:

just the trailer made me feel shaky. i never feel like i have the mental fortitude for shit like this anymore. time to put my big girl boots on. time to buy big girl boots. and learn how to use eyeliner.
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Hey kiddo. I wanted to ask about your eye thing, but I left my ipad at home and I'm in Puerto Rico and that left me no real way to contact you. Glad it was successful! maybe soon you can stop avoiding the twitters
hello my maria. it is yet to be revealed whether it was successful or not, but fingers x'd! ahhhh i doubt twitter will happen again. :(
I FML OVER DISNEY TYPE SONGS ALL THE TIME especially Jesse McCartney, oh lordy lord. I have an unhealthy obsession with that guy.

ANYWAY so glad your operation went well and you're okay! :D I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that it was a success too. lmao NHS tho, it's like "YAY IT'S FREE... provided I don't die of old age before I get it" BUT YES I'M GLAD IT WENT WELL ♥♥♥
giggles, omg. the pre-bieber bieber. i really like disney/nick/abc family type shows, they're fun.

thanks baby. :3333 lol yes exactly, my mum's fond of saying that with the nhs you either die or you're cured. i'm a bit frustrated bc i think they didn't exactly focus on the problem, like they did the eye muscle that made one eye jump over the other when i looked up top left, and it's cool that that's been minimised and all but i'm not sure if it'll fix the whole eyes not working together properly issue. when they do the eye tests they say that my eyes have the ability to work together now, but it's not what i'm seeing? and he was like yeah you gotta give your brain time to adjust and fair enough, i just have this nagging suspicion that that's not going to have fixed the specific problem. sigh, anyway. positive thinking!! ♥
i'm glad the operation was successful bb! i didn't know about that before. o: keeping my fingers crossed for you <3

ugh kim jaewook is so perfect.
thanks dollface. :3 *super-crosses mine with yours for a power-up*

he's mind-meltingly hot omg, and so queer-friendly in his work choices. i'd have looooved to have seen him do hedwig and the angry inch.

how're you anyway. :*
yay to power-ups! everything will work out for sure this way n__n

"and so queer-friendly in his work choices." i adore that he's like that. /dreamy sighs

i'm gooood. well as good as a jobless graduate could be! i'm just trying to figure out what i want while trying to find a job sighs. right now it's ~marketing~ but who knows what i'll change to next week. .-.
oh man do i know that road. :( i spent a loooong time on it. what'm i saying i'm STILL on it. just, try to go for something you'll like and fuck the money. if you can live on it you're good. that puts you on a base level, but the road's hard enough. idk what university career services are doing, no one ever tells you how this stuff works.
i feel better knowing i'm not alone in this confusion, sighs. thanks for the advice! that's what i'm trying to do - do what i like no matter the average salary. but at the same time low job availability in some industries makes me nervous bleh.

"idk what university career services are doing, no one ever tells you how this stuff works." ikr? i went there and i got all these tips for resumes and then other people tell me the opposite like WHAT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO?????? trial and error i guess.
oh no, we've basically been pegged a lost generation. :\ i don't want to be presumptuous but that's the thing i've learnt the past couple of years. like, i went through a phase where i thought ~marketing, and then an mba or something, and then i spent quite a while thinking of doing a masters/applying for publishing/editing internships bc i thought since i love books i'll go there. and that seemed more like finally going for what i want to do, and it took me so long to think wait, just bc i love books doesn't mean i'd enjoy editing manuscripts or whatever. :| i think bc of my eye problems, bc of the kinds of health problems that i have, i don't want to end up doing something where i'm sitting all day and straining my eyes on a computer or maybe even on reading. i don't know.

what kinds of resume questions? i don't claim to be an expert, it's not like i'm drowning in interviews, but i've developed gut instincts anyway.