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howdy lj. i'm on a movie kick like i haven't been in ages, talk to me about movies folks.

The Hobbit. BEST EVER. while admiring of the scale, coherence and visual grandeur of the LOTR movies i have never been able to love them because frankly it is just a tough uphill climb for our hero, and a weight on the heart for the viewer. the hobbit, though!!! an arrow directly to my heart omg. i was a goner pretty much the moment the dwarves started singing. I WILL NEVER BE OVER THE SINGING for it managed to contextualise people singing in a way in which it was plausible as a thing people actually do I LOVE THIS SO MUCH I COULD CRY. just, the perfect encapsulation of children's fantasy, where 'children's fantasy' is not playing down to children but an acknowledgement of their capacity to integrate possibility and magic into reality; an acknowledgement of their appreciation for whimsy and joy in the structural logic of randomness; an acknowledgement of the importance of their ability to accept things that are frightening and larger than them and their world. THAT is what is 'child-like' and it is not a denigration I LOVE IT SO MUCH I AM STILL BOUNCING ON THE BALLS OF MY FEET ABOUT IT.

Jane Eyre. this was good! i have so much fondness for the BBC mini, jane and mr rochester are such a solid, wonderful, well-constructed otp and the mini demonstrated this perfectly, and i'm happy to say that the movie did really well too. i think it needed the extra time that the mini had, but it was still good. i've loved mia since alice in wonderland and i loved her jane, she has such great control over her face. i even liked michael fassbender, when as a rule i do not like the man and do not get the fuss over him. also, the deleted scenes were a bunch of creepy shit. and i missed the sass of the mini's blanche ingram.

Aiyyaa. a cracktastic, offbeat Bollywood comedy which is basically about a girl who falls for and stalks a guy. it's HILARIOUS, and in need of editing, i was a bit bored and antsy for a large part of the middle. it was awesome-ass shit with a DELIGHTFUL ending and one of the most bizarrely hilarious things i've ever seen in any movie - have a go - kudos if you get to the end with your jaw off the floor. don't worry if you can't understand the language, it doesn't make much more sense if you can, although it does add to the hilarity.

Rurouni Kenshin. i knew nothing of the source material but everybody on the internet was raving about it. sato takeru is scrumptious i would lick him six ways to sunday. i LOVED the cast, i loved the cinematography, the sets, the fight scenes. but, maybe because i'm not familiar with the source material, idk the story as a whole didn't come together for me that well. poop. maybe the sequel will fix that?

next on my list is The Bourne Legacy, which i'm super excited about on account of hawkeye oppa and rachel weisz who is eternally perfect to me.

as for dramas, i'm being a good girl and staying away from things until they are finished. i'm super super hyped about flower boy next door since looking at caps and gifsets from the first two episodes. i wasn't that excited before it aired because while park shin hye is cute as a button she doesn't do much for me as an actress. and she was paired opposite yoon shi yoon who i LOVE, and kim ji hoon who is ROCKING the scruffy look and whipping my hormones into a frenzy. rawr. i'm also excited about school 2013 but very determined to wait until it's done, whereas with fbnd i feel close to caving. :\ also cheongdamdong alice, but idk my desire to watch that has died, inexplicably. and i miss you, i still intend to watch that after it's done but i hear it's gone a little nutty and i hope it continues to resonate with me as much as it did before i stopped at episode 6.
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THE HOBBIT WAS SO GOOD DEAR GOD I've always been obsessed with the Lord of the Rings movies too but this was sort of, idk, I hesitate to say "lighter" lmao but it didn't make me want to cry (too much). There's a lot more humour in it which is lovely. I rambled on about it for days in a post after I first saw it, my life is so sad. WHY MUST THERE BE SO LONG TO WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT TWO AHHHHH

Aiyyaa looks hilarious judging from that video, lmao. I am in love with that dude's face.

I collected some (not all, definitely!) of the Rurouni Kenshin manga when I was younger and I really really enjoyed it, they had a nice balance between epic feudal battles and deep mental wounds and all that, and traditional manga ~gag~ stuff and some romance too. I didn't get round to watching the movie yet even though I think the casting looks good and the movie visually seems to be super pretty and fairly faithful to the manga. I SHOULD GET TO THAT.
well of course it was lighter lol there is not much that does not fall into the category of "'lighter' than lord of the rings". they're so well made but they're so grim. I KNOW this new franchising thing hollywood is doing is no fair everything requires YEARS between them.

i probably should've mentioned but they're not the leads! he's the female lead's brother and she's her friend and THAT IS THE FIRST TIME THEY MEET. NO EXPLANATION IS GIVEN FOR WHY SHE IS IN A BUNNY COSTUME. the most cracked-out part of the movie by a mile. it really was too long but it was awesome. the brother is obsessed with dogs and his dream is to own a worldwide dog house franchise or something. after that song they go to his house which is all set up for the female lead's engagement, and she's MIA stalking the male lead, and the two of them are DRUNK and he's like "I'M GOING TO MARRY HER" and she has her face covered and he's like "YOU CAN'T SEE HER FACE UNTIL AFTER WE'RE ENGAGED BUT HER DAD IS GOING TO GIVE ME MONEY TO BUILD MY DOG HOUSES" lol I DO NOT KNOW.

physical manga? THEY ARE SO EXPENSIVE i never know how people afford them. the series looks awesome and you are right, the casting and the visuals are wonderful.
LMAO YES YOU MAKE A GOOD POINT. And also ugh exactly you might as well just put me into a magical sleep or something until the next one comes out I don't want to waaaaait.

THAT ALL MAKES PERFECT SENSE TO ME omg I love it, bahaha. Unexplained bunny costumes are the best kind! That paragraph alone has made me want to watch it tbh!! Dreams of building a dog house empire omg.

Yep physical ones! I used to buy quite a lot when I was younger, but I definitely had to give up on the series that had like 40 or more volumes since they were all like £8 each ;;;;; I mostly read them online now if there's any I want but if I ever have a lot of money someday I'd still love to buy a big set of the NANA manga or the shiny new Sailor Moon reprints, I really like having the physical copies but wah so much money. The only manga series I ever completed buying was just 15 volumes long, Maison Ikkoku. It's actually pretty much my favourite manga ever so I'm really glad I bought it all but it took me like a year to do it, especially since the shop I bought my manga from STOPPED STOCKING IT FOR A REALLY LONG TIME so I had to find and buy the last volume or two online. MY LOVE IS SO STRONG.
lmao well i found it for you with subs, although the quality's not great. give it a go if you're in the mood, it's great fun!

i bought the first volume of one manga and then realised this was way too expensive a hobby lol. ;\ i've never read a full manga for that reason, and by the time i found out how to get to them a few years ago my eye problems were full under way. anime too, i've never found an anime to really love, which is sad! i've only tried a few and they failed to hook me. this is not counting dubbed stuff that was on tv when i was younger lol. i loved kuroshitsuji a whole lot, but it was a bit grim and more intellectually appealing than actually fun. and recently kamisama hajimemashita i actually really loved except that the female lead is so blueprint shoujo heroine i want her to have more bite. I WANT A STRONG ANIMANGA LOVE. :(
"i would lick him six ways to sunday"
lmao you're great.

i've been back into jdramas hxc lately bc i'm using them for ~listening practice~ but oh man i wanna see flower boy next door and school 2013 too ;o; i heard i miss you was just......crazy to say the least towards the end.
hi sweetie! how're you doin'? <3

i watch like one jdrama a year lol. i think it's partly higher production values and partly that the melodramatist in me enjoys korea's love of tragedy. + it's cathartic, i enjoy things that make me weep. plus listening practice! it was probably a bad idea to pick the language that gets the most subs though, ha.

i watched the first ep of school, and i'm completely digging the school shows man, last year's reply 1997 and shut up flower boy band were SO GREAT. lee jong seok is gorgeous and freakin' talented. i was pretty fascinated by him as part of seoul's elite young model set before he seriously got into acting, i used to see pictures and they were totally like, tableaux of a gossip girl gone dark variety. wouldn't it be fun to be a fly on the wall at those parties. curse all these young accomplished talented humans! while i sit on my bed and rot. :|
i'm good bb, i hope you're well, too <3

lmao i'm the opposite! i hate melodramatic dramas, even if they have a good story line, actors, etc. which is why i probably won't watch i miss you even though i like the ppl in it 8(

fsr school dramas are my favorite. reply 1997 was just so. so. good. every episode that ended, i was like WHY IS IT NOT NEXT WEEK YET???? (times when i wish i were like you and had patience to wait for dramas to be completed)

i suck at remembering names so i googled lee jong seok and i had no idea he was the same age as me? i remember him from secret garden and i was in love with his face. also had no idea he was a model? so much new info?????
i'm glad. ♥

there's variety in melos too; overwrought overdramatic stuff is the worst, i have no time for that. but those atmospheric, mood piece types are a balm to my soul. my favourite show ever is the snow queen, and it's a melo and it's heartbreaking, but it's also lovely and romantic and allows its characters to grow and breathe and to interact, instead of just putting them in traumatic situations and having bad shit happen to them. it's beyond gorgeous. :( show of my heart :(

i actually didn't like 1997 so much at the beginning, there was too much yelling between siwon and her dad lol it was a bit headache-inducing. i thought the mania for it would pass me by. but ugh, the cast, and seo in gook, and EUNJI. i just get really excited about non-stock characters, lol.

i'm really good with names. n__nv yeah, he fits in well as a high schooler!